Heteropolis Book Launch – Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa (2013)

The 320-page HETEROPOLIS book will include an interview with political theorist Michael Hardt, critical essays (by authors such as Kyong Park, Sophie Le-Phat Ho, Scapegoat, Alexandra Tigchelaar, Charlie Hailey, Estudio Teddy Cruz and Gean Moreno) and visual contributions in the form of photos, drawings, scans and quotes (including work by Laurence Bonvin, Tercerunquinto, Ana Rewakowicz, Tue Greenfort and Electronic Disturbance Theatre 2.0 / b.a.n.g. lab) that aim at generating heterogeneity and at constructing the common. Contributions cover urban, social and cultural issues that can be identified as queer, native, ethnic, generational, economical, industrial, ecological, etc.



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